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This is the cover design on the back of the Game Board.

    • Boondoggling: An Introduction(DOWNLOAD)
    • Official Boondoggling Rules(DOWNLOAD)
    • Scan of my worm-eaten copy of the original Rules(DOWNLOAD)
    • Boondoggling Stage Money (May soon be worth more than USD.)  Printed using Futura font so you know what is coming. The original game was played in units of millions of dollars.  Due to inflation we now as a matter of course play the game in terms of billions of dollars.  In a few years we may be playing it in terms of trillions of dollars, so get ready to reprint your Boondoggling Stage Money in denominations of trillions.   After a brief era of playing with trillions we will need an act of Congress that requires the Treasury to use scientific notation on the bills it issues.  The next era of Boondoggling will then be dedicated to $10^15 and beyond.(DOWNLOAD)
    • Click here in case you are wondering what a trillion dollars actually looks like in the “real” world.(DOWNLOAD)
    • Giant Boondoggling Game Board to share with your friends.  (Hi-res jpg 3MB)(DOWNLOAD)

  • Boondoggling Game Board (Lo-res pdf file)Boondoggling Game Board (Lo-res pdf file)(DOWNLOAD)