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The Un-Unified Field, and The Incorporation of Light

Here are two controversial books by Miles Mathis, whose mission in science is to identify and put a spotlight on the gaping holes in modern theoretical physics and then to suggest practical ways to fix them. You may not agree with him, and sometimes he may be off base, but he is sure to challenge you with fresh ideas and perspectives.

Click here to read articles at his website. Click here to order his books from his website.


THE QUANTUM KEY: The Simple Guide to the Quantum World —

Unlock Your Infinite Abundance an ebook by Aaron C. Murakami
The Physics of Abundance is finally revealed! The gurus never showed you this!
A simple and common sense unified field philosophy for everyday people!

The theory section is written with simple mechanical models so a child can understand and will blow your mind open to the new emerging paradigm that will rewrite the textbooks. He offers a new vision of what we think of as space (aether), dipoles, open and closed systems, mass (energy), gravity, inertia, time, light speed, and beyond. In the second part of the book Aaron gives you an overview of some of the exciting R&D that is unfolding now that will resolve many fundamental issues we face in this century.Click on the Cover Photo or the book title (in blue type) above to learn more about Aaron Murakami, read a summary of each chapter, and/or order a copy.



Ignition Secrets the Automakers never told you about!

Learn about the long-hidden Ignition Secrets:
The only Ignition that actually burns water!
Another ebook by Aaron Murakami

Click on the above cover photo, the “Ignition Secrets” title in blue, or the plasma spark plug banner below to learn more about a key element of the technological revolution that is underway and will change the world.