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THE BOOK OF CHANGES (Holistic Change Maker)

Dr. White presents The Book of Changes in two volumes with the original Chinese text plus his translation and a detailed commentary that includes practical exercises that will give you direct experience of the changes in terms of your own life. Volume 1 also contains an introduction that discusses the relationship of the Book of Changes as it developed in China with the earlier system of changes that the ancient Egyptians developed. These new research findings brought to light by Dr. White are available nowhere else! Volume 1: Introduction and Hexagrams 1-30 Volume 2: Hexagrams 31-64, The Appended Essays on

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The Eternal Xmas and New Year Card

The Eternal Xmas and New Year Card (FREE DOWNLOAD) The above graphic is a tableau from the ancient Cosmic Comic Book known as the Amduat.  You may click on the tableau to download the image plus a detailed description of its strange contents. The tableau is part of a set of 12 such complex images that also contain detailed texts and labels describing what goes on.  The work was developed during the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt over 3000 years ago and describes the aspect of life that is invisible to or ignored by most people.   The entire work with the illustrations, hieroglyphic

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