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How to Create Your Own Universe (Observer Physics Papers)

ASIN: B003DTMRXS Currently available only at In this humorous monograph Dr. White concocts a magical formula for how to build your own universe starting from nothing — well at least you have to have some existence to work with. He presents the magic first as a pleasantly weird version of the traditional fairy tale “Snow White and the Seven [Quantum] Dwarves”. He waves a magic wand at a mystical quantum foam of emptiness. Suddenly space, time, and mass appear in the empty foam and start to spew out real particles with the properties that we observe in our universe.

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Reference Books

The Un-Unified Field, and The Incorporation of Light Here are two controversial books by Miles Mathis, whose mission in science is to identify and put a spotlight on the gaping holes in modern theoretical physics and then to suggest practical ways to fix them. You may not agree with him, and sometimes he may be off base, but he is sure to challenge you with fresh ideas and perspectives. Click here to read articles at his website. Click here to order his books from his website.   THE QUANTUM KEY: The Simple Guide to the Quantum World — Unlock Your

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Exercises for Playing with Your Universe (How to Create Your Own Universe)

ASIN: B003H05RGM Currently available only at This booklet is a companion to Dr. White’s Manual, How to Create Your Own Universe and provides exercises to help you begin exploring the structure of the sample universe that he created in that book. Each exercise includes one or more solutions worked out so you can see some of the remarkable properties of the system and how it relates to our current understanding of the universe we live in. In a future planned workbook, Dr. White will create another sample universe for you to explore. Once you understand how the simple system

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OBSERVER PHYSICS A NEW PARADIGM by Dr. Douglass A. White, Ph.D. All books and articles posted on this site by Douglass A. White are copyrighted by the author with all rights reserved. However, the author grants the right to download and print such articles for personal or educational use only. Any commercial use of this material requires written permission from the author or his appointed agent. All copyrights and other rights for books and articles by other authors that are posted on this site belong to their respective authors or their appointed agents. Written permission should be obtained for any

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*outlook express users can play the animation in the email The PHOTON as a model of heterodyne phase-conjugate soliton creation by Frank van den Bovenkamp, Heart Coherence team update March 7, 2007; * fiat luke’s * This page is dedicated especially to Luke Gatto’s half or whole life search for what Newton and Keppler may have hidden (for some reason?), and to Duane Whitlock who has done a great work to reveil it as the intelligent design of Creation. skip to animation *preliminary* More important than a technical explanation of photon (soliton) creation is its metaphorical meaning. It

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Other Science

Other Books and Articles on Scientific Subjects *** Click on the stars and link to Dan Winter’s latest update to his research on Golden Ratio fractal geometry and physics.  He shares information from a wide ranging group of scientists in various disciplines who have been working various aspects of this key component of what I call Observer Physics.  This work leads to an elegant theory of gravity, applications in developing clean energy resources, and many other exciting directions.  Check it out. *** To see a schematic ANIMATED GRAPHIC of the Observer Physics model of basic photon flow done by Frank van

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A Sampler of New Insights and Discoveries Developed in Observer Physics * Palmer’s Theorem defines the relations among the observer, his beliefs, and his experiences. * The Mental (Mathematical) Space of ideas and the World Space of physics are mirror replicas of each other mediated by a special reflection principle. * Operations in either space modify the structure and function of the conjugate space. * Objects inherently have no mass or gravitational force. (Experimental evidence is provided.) * All masses and forces originate from resistance in the observer. * The observer is the prime mover in charge of all physical

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