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阿梵達 Avatar 阿梵達的人生探索  Exploring Life with Avatar  (PDF詳細介紹) 國際星邊公司的正式中文網頁阿梵達課程介紹  (詳細介紹)           [包括很多可以下載的文章與練習] The Official Star’s Edge International Chinese language webpage Avatar Course Introduction  (Includes many articles and exercises that you can download.)

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Sakyamuni Buddha’s 12-Step Cycle of Attention

ASIN: B003DZ1J2W Currently available only at When Sakyamuni Buddha began to explain his remarkable insight, he outlined four truths: suffering exists, accumulation of stress increases suffering, dissolution of suffering is possible, and there is a path to achieve that. He explained that human consciousness tends to cycle endlessly through a mutually conditioned chain of codependent states of existence. Then he suggested how it is possible to slip out of the cycle even though the cycle is automatic and each component is completely codependent. From one viewpoint it is difficult or even impossible. From another viewpoint it is simple and

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The Flow of Attention, Meditation, and Success

ASIN: B0036TH2VM Currently available only at Your attention influences every aspect of your life. Skill in managing attention can lead to greater success and fulfillment in life. The flow of attentio turns out to be very simple and anyone can develop skill in managing it. This article explains how the flow works and how you can easily learn to manage it.

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1 Week and 5 Day No-Limit Meditation Retreats 無極禪海禪五與禪七照片   Meditation Retreat I (Summer 2008 夏): (Photos 照片) Meditation Retreat II (Winter 2009 冬): (Photos 照片)  Meditation Retreat III (Summer 2009 夏): (Photos 照片) Meditation Retreat IV (Winter 2010 冬) (Photos 照片) Meditation Retreat V (Summer 2010 夏) (Photos 照片) Meditation Retreat VI (Summer 2011 夏) (Photos 照片)        

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Meditation – OAM

OAM No Limit Ocean Awareness Meditation   The purpose of meditation is to go into a deep state of pure quiet without holding the attention fixed on any content (meaning) or energy (object or activity).and enter a state of Unity. Quiet is the basis of activity (just as silence is the basis for sound) and is the foundation for all achievements.  Meditation is not merely quietude.  It is a method for empowering your inner potential.  Correct meditation will bring you to the Source of Life and unfold powerful energy. Because this depth of quietude can go deeper than the sleep state, it not

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  OAM : No Limit Ocean Awareness Meditation  The Flow of Attention, Meditation, and Success  General Introduction and FAQ Mantras and Yantras of Ancient Egypt(The above article contains material about meditation in ancient Egypt that goes back at least to the 4th dynasty.) Recent 1-day OAM Introductory Meditation and Creativity Workshop The Wizard’s Dream: Osirian Mummy Meditation (It’s fun, and you don’t have to be a mummy to practice it!)   

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THE BOOK OF CHANGES(HOLISTIC CHANGE MAKER) Including Original Chinese Text and English Translation Plus a Detailed Commentary with Charts and Diagrams by Douglass A. White 白中道 To purchase Volumes 1 and/or 2, go to the Store Menu for this website. Warning: This electronic book is not yet optimized for looking up hexagrams to do readings. It is a detailed study and commentary on the work. VOLUME 1 Hexagrams 1-30 VOLUME 2 Hexagrams 31-64 Wen-yen (Discussion of Patterns) Appendix 1 Appendix 2 Commentary Discussing the Trigrams Comments on the Sequence of Hexagrams Comments on Miscellaneous Hexagrams Some Materials about the Sequence of

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