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The Heart Sutra and the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar

ASIN: B003AYEPTA Currently available only at Here is an interesting coincidence for those of you interested in Chinese Buddhism, the Mayan Tzolkin calendar, and/or what may happen on December 31, 2012. The symbols in each sequence repeat numerous times, but in different combinations and with different nuances. Play around with it and let me know if you have any remarkable insights. Douglass White,

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Boondoggle Menu

BOONDOGGLING GAME MENU This is the cover design on the back of the Game Board. Boondoggling: An Introduction(DOWNLOAD) Official Boondoggling Rules(DOWNLOAD) Scan of my worm-eaten copy of the original Rules(DOWNLOAD) Boondoggling Stage Money (May soon be worth more than USD.)  Printed using Futura font so you know what is coming. The original game was played in units of millions of dollars.  Due to inflation we now as a matter of course play the game in terms of billions of dollars.  In a few years we may be playing it in terms of trillions of dollars, so get ready to reprint

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Popcorn Time! Enlightenment for Everybody

Popcorn Time! Enlightenment for Everybody Popcorn Time is an entertaining, surprise-filled little book about “enlightenment”.   Dr. White (AKA the Wizard of Amen) describes in simple, “scientific” layman’s language a remarkable leap in consciousness that is happening around the globe right now.  Once people put together the facts of reality that they heard about in high school, but were not really paying close attention to (for obvious teenager reasons), they discover that they have always been enlightened.  As the enlightened viewpoint sweeps the planet, human civilization will be radically transformed. Price: FREE Click HERE or on the cover photo above to get your free download.  

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 General Humanities Section

 General Humanities Section  (Topics on this page evolve.) The “Humanities” section is dedicated to timeless topics that affect all civilizations — ancient or modern. You may want to go to the “World” section under “Ancient Civilizations” and read Dr. White’s essay, A Plan for a Planet, for five timeless solutionsto the problems faced by any civilization: Stable Awareness. Clear Thinking. Holistic Relationships. Clean Energy. Sustainable Economy. Direct Address: 古文明-世界 You will also see there Project 0 that I call “Popcorn Time”. When it comes to people interacting with people, here is a back-to-reality read (by Robert E. Podolsky, MS):  FLOURISH! An Alternative to Government and Other Hierarchies. Quote: As most

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