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The New Plan A (The New “Business As Usual” for the World) A PLAN FOR A PLANET 5 Projects to Bring Civilization into Permanent Harmony with the Planet The KEYS(FREE DOWNLOAD) (Above file is a brief executive summary.) If you are more interested in the spiritual aspect of life, start with Project 1 and read about the Projects in numerical order. If you are more oriented to(Above file is a brief executive summary.) ward practical, material life,start from Project 5 and read about the Projects in reverse numerical order. You might like to start with Project 0: Popcorn Time to

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The New Plan A

(DOWNLOAD)***The KEYS***(The above file is a brief executive summary.) ***A PLAN FOR A PLANET*** 5 Great Projects for the 21st Century  *** Click on the stars and visit the Earth Policy Institute website where you can download Lester Brown’s book, Plan B: Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble, as well as many well-informed articles and updates on the topic of how to shape future Earth Policy.  Brown fills in many details and references with respect to Projects 4 and 5.   In his book he calls “Business as Usual” Plan A.  I call my Plan for a Planet “Plan A” because Plan B

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LINKS  In the list below I will provide some links to sites that present other views or more detailed information of interest to those exploring Observer Physics. Harry Palmer and Avatar Materials, Writings, Exercises, and Activities. This is the official Avatar website and is the best source for material related to the Avatar Materials (and the Course that goes with them) or other writings and activities of Harry Palmer. HYPERPHYSICS: a good general resource for information about standard physics. This site is done in hypercard format by C. R. Nave of Georgia State University. It is quite accessible, easy to navigate, and

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