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The Ancient Egyptian Senet Tarot and the Game of Human Life

The Ancient Egyptian Senet Tarot and the Game of Human Life A Series of 53 Short Articles SERIES INDEX A List of the Articles in this Series 00 SERIES OVERVIEW 01 Introduction to the Author and the Series 02 Introduction to Tarot 03 Tarot and Qabbalah, Part A 04 Tarot and Qabbalah, Part B 05 Tarot and Qabbalah, Part C 06 Tarot Trumps and the Alphabet 07 The Secret Letter System 08 Tarot Alphabet Names 09 Tarot Trumps and the Body 10 An Emerald Tablet and a Game Board 11 The Senet Board and the Mehen Board 12 The Formal

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The Pyramid Texts

The Pyramid Texts: Introduction (The Avatar Wizards of Eternity) (Egyptian Spiritual Classics I) ASIN: B0036ZAHA4 Currently available only at DR. Douglass A. White has produced the first English translation of the Pyramid Texts with a detailed commentary and interpretation. The Pyramid Texts are the oldest spiritual literary corpus in the world. Unlike most ancient texts we have the Pyramid Texts in original editions that date back to the 5th and 6th dynasties of ancient Egypt over 4000 years ago because they were sealed up in pyramids until they were rediscovered in 1880. White’s new translation opens up important secrets

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