Popcorn Time! Enlightenment for Everybody


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Popcorn Time! Enlightenment for Everybody

Popcorn Time is an entertaining, surprise-filled little book about “enlightenment”.   Dr. White (AKA the Wizard of Amen) describes in simple, “scientific” layman’s language a remarkable leap in consciousness that is happening around the globe right now.  Once people put together the facts of reality that they heard about in high school, but were not really paying close attention to (for obvious teenager reasons), they discover that they have always been enlightened.  As the enlightened viewpoint sweeps the planet, human civilization will be radically transformed.

Price: FREE

Click HERE or on the cover photo above to get your free download.   You may share this book with friends, but do not modify the contents.   If you have questions or comments, contact Delta Point: gracetia6@gmail.com.