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A Sampler of New Insights and Discoveries Developed in Observer Physics

* Palmer’s Theorem defines the relations among the observer, his beliefs, and his experiences.

* The Mental (Mathematical) Space of ideas and the World Space of physics are mirror replicas of each other mediated by a special reflection principle.

* Operations in either space modify the structure and function of the conjugate space.

* Objects inherently have no mass or gravitational force. (Experimental evidence is provided.)

* All masses and forces originate from resistance in the observer.

* The observer is the prime mover in charge of all physical systems.

* Zel’dovich’s discovery of Four-Wave Mixing Phase Conjugation is a major paradigm breakthrough on the level of relativity and quantum mechanics. Observer Physics shows how to generalize it in a number of remarkable ways.

* Internally correlated quantum bubbles may be of any size and are managed by the observer.

Observer Physics describes some refinements of quark theory.

Observer Physics proposes a candidate for the Higgs particle (derived in 3 ways) and a precise model for super-string theorists to tangle with.

Observer Physics reveals how fundamental particles acquire their specific masses.

Observer Physics reveals details of the internal structure of the proton, and its relation to the electron.

Observer Physics resolves the question of “Where’s the missing antimatter?”

Observer Physics proposes a variety of experiments that can be done to test many of its claims, including the unification of gravity and the electrical force.

* Gravity is bipolar, its physical opposite pole being kinetic energy (or “entropy”).

* Gravity is generated by the observer’s use of will to bias undefined awareness.

* Electromagnetic exchange is initiated by an observer’s emission of attention particles.

* The graviton propagates at an FTL (Faster-Than-Light) velocity that is constant in a vacuum.

* FTL communication IS possible at the speed of the qwiff pop.

* FTL information transfer can occur without the causality violations predicted in current quantum theory. Observer Physics proposes a simple model of how to achieve this.

* The entropy of any system is defined by the observer’s choice of viewpoint.

(See the Table of Contents file for a detailed outline)