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A TOUR OF ATLANTIS or What Happens in the Astral Realm Glyphic Text, Graphics, Translation, Detailed Commentary The Amduat is one of the great spiritual classics of the New Kingdom in Ancient Egypt. It is the first text to explore in depth and with detailed illustrations the various levels of consciousness that range from waking state to the deepest levels of sleep, including tools for exploring these “Astral Realms” deliberately and consciously through meditation and other techniques. This text takes you deep into an understanding of the Ancient Egyptian theory of the chakras. All 3 volumes of this text are

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The Senet Game Text of Ancient Egypt

The Senet Game Text of Ancient Egypt ASIN: B00332FF5C Currently available only at The Senet Game Text of Ancient Egypt: A poetic text that describes one of the oldest games known to mankind. The Senet oracle game contains within it the spiritual essence of classical Egyptian culture. The Senet Game Text of Ancient Egypt survives in three copies, one of which is only partial and all of which have lost the last few lines of text. This document describes the contents of the traditional ancient Egyptian Senet Game Board and allows us to get a feeling for how this

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The Litany of Ra(Tarok Naipa)

The Litany of Ra (Tarok Naipe): Part I, An Introduction(surviving editions and their relation to the Tarot/Tarok/Naipe cards) ASIN: B0033AGUUS Currently available only at The Litany of Ra is one of the most important spiritual texts of ancient Egypt. Some of Egypt’s greatest pharaohs such as Thutmose III, Sety I, and Rameses II had illustrated editions of this text included in the decoration of their tombs. Budge’s English version is known fairly widely, and Hornung has produced a German edition that includes transcriptions of all the texts. Douglass White presents new insights in his introduction to the Litany of

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The Pyramid Texts

The Pyramid Texts: Introduction (The Avatar Wizards of Eternity) (Egyptian Spiritual Classics I) ASIN: B0036ZAHA4 Currently available only at DR. Douglass A. White has produced the first English translation of the Pyramid Texts with a detailed commentary and interpretation. The Pyramid Texts are the oldest spiritual literary corpus in the world. Unlike most ancient texts we have the Pyramid Texts in original editions that date back to the 5th and 6th dynasties of ancient Egypt over 4000 years ago because they were sealed up in pyramids until they were rediscovered in 1880. White’s new translation opens up important secrets

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