The Senet Game Text of Ancient Egypt


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The Senet Game Text of Ancient Egypt

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The Senet Game Text of Ancient Egypt: A poetic text that describes one of the oldest games known to mankind.

The Senet oracle game contains within it the spiritual essence of classical Egyptian culture.

The Senet Game Text of Ancient Egypt survives in three copies, one of which is only partial and all of which have lost the last few lines of text. This document describes the contents of the traditional ancient Egyptian Senet Game Board and allows us to get a feeling for how this game related to the spiritual lives of Egyptians. The Game Board eventually was used as an oracle and became one of the earliest ways of playing with the Tarok divination system (also widely known today as the Tarot) to understand situations in life and the trends of the future. Dr. White has reconstructed the design of the Senet Game Board based on the badly damaged surviving copies and the work of previous Egyptologists, plus his specialized knowledge of the Tarot system. This work includes a transcription of the original hieroglyphic text, an English translation, a detailed commentary and interpretation, a proposed reconstruction of the lost portion of the text, a photograph of the text inscribed on a tomb wall, and Dr. White’s reconstruction of the entire Senet Game Board along with its correlation to the major cards of the Tarot deck that has survived into our modern world after passing through several transitional stages.

This is the second little book in this set of Egyptian Classics.   It is a short description of the game board used by Egyptians when they played the game of Senet.   The game is a symbolic journey through life.  The 30 squares on the board are arranged in 3 rows of 10 and form a month with three 10-day weeks. The pictures on surviving boards are somewhat damaged, but careful study of the text reveals the identity of each “day” in the “month”.   The “Hero” is Osiris.  His mate is Isis.  His master is Thoth.  Osiris passes through a whole lifetime of experiences, dies, and then is succeeded on the throne by his son Horus.  The squares on the board represent the 22 Tarot Trumps plus 8 royal masters..   These masters are the 4 states of matter and the four sensory channels through which we can experience those states of matter: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma.   The ion plasma is highly energized and tends to give off light and heat.   We call that “fire”.  The other states generalize as solids, liquids, and gasses.

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