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Ancient Egypt

Books, Articles and Products Mostly Written and Designed by Dr. White

The Wizard of Amen

Weser   Amen

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Five Gems from Ancient Egypt   (These five works are now available as free downloads from this website to encourage interest and study.  Scroll down to the listing of the work and click on “DOWNLOAD”.)


The Story of Ra and Isis

The first book in this set of classic Egyptian books is a short story revealing the deep satire and wisdom behind the whole facade pf Egyptian myths and religion.   Ra (the Sun) “God” is a blustering old male chauvinist wielding a huge ego.  He is revealed as a Fool who has created a flawed universe.  Isis represents an intelligent woman who sees through the farce and stands up for women’s rights.   The story is built around an elaborate joke that reveals the True Nature of God.  By realizing this Truth, a person is freed from the bonds of suffering and ignorance. And is free to live as he or she prefers.   Isis teases this secret out from Ra for all to see and bestows this wisdom on her son, Horus , who is an avatar incarnation of Ra fit to lead a civilization.  We realize that Ra, Isis, and Horus have a very close relationship. The Great Secret is that God is invisible as the “Creator” and is not a “Creation”.  God is your undefined potential to be whatever you decide to be.  You can’t see a creator — you only see his creations. (Even the persona of a “Creator” is a creation.)   So each of us is responsible for our own actions, and the source of every creative action is an undefined potential arbitrarily self-imposed by the Creator on himself.   The basic rule: Whatever you create you must experience.  It is your creation, so relax and enjoy. The story is a deep insight into the source and solution to the problem of suffering in the world, and so it forms a nice humorous framework for all the Egyptian Wisdom Texts.


The Senet Game Text

This is the second little book in this set of Egyptian Classics.   It is a short description of the game board used by Egyptians when they played the game of Senet.   The game is a symbolic journey through life.  The 30 squares on the board are arranged in 3 rows of 10 and form a month with three 10-day weeks. The pictures on surviving boards are somewhat damaged, but careful study of the text reveals the identity of each “day” in the “month”.   The “Hero” is Osiris.  His mate is Isis.  His master is Thoth.  Osiris passes through a whole lifetime of experiences, dies, and then is succeeded on the throne by his son Horus.  The squares on the board represent the 22 Tarot Trumps plus 8 royal masters..   These masters are the 4 states of matter and the four sensory channels through which we can experience those states of matter: solid, liquid, gas, and plasma.   The ion plasma is highly energized and tends to give off light and heat.   We call that “fire”.  The other states generalize as solids, liquids, and gasses.


The Litany of Ra

The game of Senet is the basis of the Egyptian “Tarot” and is a repository of wisdom in the form of “archetypes”.   During the New Kingdom the Egyptians expanded this set of 30 Senet squares nto a “full deck” of 78 archetype cards enshrined in a book called the Litany of Ra.  The “cards” could be painted or carved in various media.  Each archetype is an expression of Ra’s creative energy.   Each card generally represents either a “god”, a “goddess”, or a power accessory associated with a god or goddess.   During the New Kingdom the suits and sequences of the cards were not yet fully determined.  The Litany of Ra lists the “cards” and has images for each card as well as a label and a brief description of each.   There is a handbook that describes how to study and use the “cards”.  Each “card” represents an “avatar” of Ra, the Sun.   As the Sun Ra represents creative source.   Each card is an aspect of Ra, the Source.  Pharaoh Thutmoses III made the first expanded set of 75 cards.   Pharaoh Seti I later added 3 cards: Ra as the cover card for the deck as a whole, and two others: fear/illusion symbolized by a crocodile and ignorance symbolized by a python representing boundaries that “restrict”.   These two cards “guard” the Sun card.  The Sun Card is a circle with a goat-headed deity (Nighttime Sun) and a scarab beetle (Daytime Sun) inscribed inside it.


The Amduat (What Happens in the Duat)

This work (like the Litany of Ra) is primarily found in the tombs of the Theban Pharaohs (Valley of the Kings), but also appears partially on papyrus or other media.   It is a lavishly illustrated Cosmic Comic Book that describes the journey of the Sun in his solar barque during the “twelve” hours of night.   Thus it symbolically reveals Egyptian ideas about what happens during sleep or even death.   The Duat (Twat) is the underworld region in which the sun becomes unseen (the subconscious realm).   Ra becomes sleepy and rests, but is carried forward in his boat by a divine retinue.   Each of the twelve hours depicts the qualities of the corresponding period of “night”.   The Twat is also the womb in which an individual views the major layers of consciousness.   The first 6 hours take us deeper into the night.   Hour six is midnight.  There the dormant sun with a single gentle touch to his crown chakra activates the beginning of a new cycle of awakening.   Each hour corresponds to an energy “chakra” in the human body.  The sequence begins with the root chakra in which the body lies down and closes its eyes.   Next there is passage through dreams and desires.   Deeper levels reveal automated belief systems that are usually transparent to conscious awareness.  Hour 6 is the silent world of archetypes and displays both the Yi-jing and the Tarot distributed in ranks around the motionless sun.   The next six hours expand awareness to cosmic chakras and the “perfections”.  Hour 11 shows the freedom to explore other planets, stars, and galaxies.   The effects of group consciousness on karma are shown.  The final hour shows time reversal so that a new cycle can begin, and the sun is freshly reborn to a new day.  Study the details for insights into ancient Egyptian knowledge about time, space, and the levels of consciousness.


The Pyramid Texts

This is a vast collection of extremely ancient texts that ancient kings and queens ordered to be carved on the walls of their pyramid tombs primarily during the 5th and 6th dynasties.   Following the cumulative work of Egyptologists to recover these texts I have arranged them into 5 volumes.  Volume 5 also contains a collection of recovered texts from later archeological work. Some of the texts are damaged, but many are still complete.   The Pyramid Texts are the oldest wisdom texts we have.  Unlike the Indian Vedas that had to be passed on orally for long periods of history, the Pyramid Texts were beautifully carved onto the walls of pyramids and then sealed away like a time capsule during the era when they were current and popular.   There is no prescribed order for the texts.  Kings or queens would choose selections that they preferred and then personalize them with their own royal cartouches.  Sometimes several rulers liked the same text, so it would be repeated in several tombs, allowing us to confirm veracity of the transcription and/or discover scribal errors. There is much more to ancient Egyptian literature, but the set of five works mentioned above is a selection that gives an excellent overview of how ancient Egyptians viewed their Reality.   I have translated the material in a way that accords with modern psycho-physiology and insights of modern physics.  However a reader may choose to interpret the text simply as ancient myths populated with gods and goddesses and use their ancient Egyptian names.   In either case the overall effect is coherent and consistent. I have included the original hieroglyph text with each work and encourage you as a reader to follow along with the hieroglyphs as you read my translations and interpretations so that you soon find you are reading the original text.   Integrate your understanding of the text with your life experience.   The ancient Egyptians loved ritual, but were a practical people.  They spoke through powerful symbols in an extremely refined way that indicates deep knowledge of science — even though they may not have had the instrumentation we have today.   They made up for the lack of the precision instruments by increasing the scale of their devices. These books are filled with humor and wisdom.   See the order behind chaos, and do not get too serious about religion and superstition.  Enjoy the literature.   If you find errors in my work, let us know so that we can fix them with corrections and explanatory notes.

Douglass A. White 2020/03/23



The Ancient Egyptian Senet Tarot and the Game of Human Life
A Series of 53 Short Articles
A List of the Articles in this Series

(a wonderful introduction to the sacred scarabs of ancient)


An Esoteric Interpretation of the Narmer Palette and Narmer Mace Head



The Cosmic Game


The Cosmic Game: Secrets of the Senet Oracle Board is a curious book.   Is it science or art?   Is it ancient high technology or a madman’s fantasy?   Is it fiction, or cosmic truth?   Is it real or imaginary?   Is it an oracle or a game?   Is it a spoof, or the long-lost secret key to the universe?   You will have to read it and decide.   This book and the one below (The Senet Tarot of Ancient Egypt) are Dr. White’s unique gifts to the world, celebrating the wonder of the Internet.   If you click on the “View and/or Download” phrase below, you can browse the book online or download the book and explore at your leisure.    But be careful.   It could change your life in unanticipated ways.  Enjoy.  You may share copies, but may not sell the work without written arrangement with the author.   Watch version number for updates.   Current version: 130315.

The Cosmic Game is FREE to read online or download and enjoy at leisure and share with friends.   However, if you decide that you like the material and would like to support Dr. White’s research into the Educational Technologies of ancient Egypt, we welcome you to click on the “DONATE” buttom below and make a donation of any amount ($5.00 or more).   This automatically qualifies you as a “Senetor”, one of those elite few who have the inside scoop on the Cosmic Game played by the ancient Egyptians.



The Senet Tarot of Ancient Egypt


Part 1, A History from Pre-Dynastic Times to the Roman Era.

Part 2, Discussion of the Cards, How to Do Readings, Spreads, and Games.

For details go to our website STORE.


The Senet Tarot-Oracle Deck of Ancient Egypt


r. White has discovered the origins of the Tarot in ancient Egypt.  The 22 Trumps plus the beginnings of the court cards evolved from a game that symbolized the essence of Egyptian culture and became a tool for divination.  Through the ancient archetypes one could tap into the deep layers of the mind and uncover hidden beliefs or contradictions that were causing confusion or difficulties in life.  Although the Egyptians did not yet number the cards, they eventually expanded the body of archetypes to include profound symbols that were used as amulets.  A set of 78 became one of the special systems in use during the New Kingdom.  Although the pip cards were not yet organized according to suits in ancient Egypt, Dr. White has identified the primary archetypes and, with the artistic talents of Taiwanese painter Amy Hsiao, has organized the images into a deck that fits our modern standard Tarot pack.   Above are a few images from the deck.  Cards are the size of a standard Rider-Waite Tarot deck. The deck includes 80 cards — the 78 standard cards, a “cover” card, and the Min-Mut Divine Lovers from the Temple of Luxor (top row middle card in the above sample illustration).    The standard cards are labeled in English and Chinese so they can be used in Asian and Western countries.    If you would like to order the Senet Tarot Oracle Deck, go to the website STORE.



A Tour of Atlantis Or What Happens in the Astral Realm
Introduction Hours


The Amduat Glyph Text, Graphics, Translation, and Detailed Commentary.
Douglass A. White

 A translation of the ancient Egyptian text Amy Dewa(Amduat)


A Tour of Atlantis Or What Happens in the Astral Realm
Introduction Hours 5-8


The Amduat Glyph Text, Graphics, Translation, and Detailed Commentary.
Douglass A. White

 A translation of the ancient Egyptian text Amy Dewa(Amduat)


A Tour of Atlantis Or What Happens in the Astral Realm
Introduction Hours 9-12


The Amduat Glyph Text, Graphics, Translation, and Detailed Commentary.
Douglass A. White

 A translation of the ancient Egyptian text Amy Dewa(Amduat)


The Senet Tarot Oracle Game Book of Ancient Egypt


The Complete Hieroglyphic Text of the Senet Game Book is available in the above work.




 (Paintings by Amy Hsiao): a few currently available at STORE. 



(The Senet Tarot Oracle Deck is available at Store) 

The Senet Tarot Oracle Game Board and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

(This article is currently available from

The Eye of Ra and the Golden Pyramid are the Egyptian Book of Changes

 (This article is currently available from

*** Click here to link to Dr. Muata Ashby’s remarkable Sema Institute site.

Ashby has been doing his own research on Egyptian Yoga and other traditions from ancient Egypt.

*** A list of some of the Yogic Techniques illustrated in the Senet Tarot Oracle Cards.



  • Great Secret of the Solar Boat and the OCEAN AWARENESS MEDITATION.
    Osirian Mummy Meditation: The Wizard’s Dream (OMM).(DOWNLOAD)

  • *** A List of Common Egyptian Mudras.

You can do it, it’s fun, and you do not have to be a mummy!

  • ***A List of Common Egyptian Mudras.



Translation and a Detailed Commentary ;  hieroglyph transcriptions and photos of Pyramid Texts. 

Click on DOWNLOAD list below to select the section desired

  • *** Click on these stars to go to the site Pyramid Texts Online where you can explore the Pyramid Texts of Wenas and download lots of materials for studying the texts.
  • DOWNLOAD *Introduction to the Pyramid Texts*

  • DOWNLOAD *Book I, Hymns 001-274*

  • DOWNLOAD *Book II, Hymns 275-437*

  • DOWNLOAD *Book III, Hymns 438-531*

  • DOWNLOAD *Book IIII, Hymns 532-664C*

  • DOWNLOAD *Book V, Hymns 665-759*

  • DOWNLOAD *Book V, Extras Hymns 760-806*


TAROK NAIPE (THE LITANY OF RA: Hieroglyphic Text, Translation, and Commentary)  

The Book of Thoth that Describes the Tarot [Tarok] Cards and their Use.  


  • Part I: An Introduction 
  • Part II: The Litany of Ra: the 78 Avatars (includes translation, commentary, card illustrations)
  • Part III: User Handbook — How to Use the 78 Higher Self Avatars 
  • Part IV: The Hieroglyphic Text (Only at Scribd Store and this Website Store) 

This is the earliest known book that lists the entire set of 78 cards that make up a traditional Tarot Deck and provides primitive Egyptian illustrations of each card plus a brief description of each card.  The Egyptians developed the “Litany” during the New Kingdom (dynasties 18-20) and some of the greatest pharaohs of that period, such as Tutmoses III, Seti I, and Rameses II, had the text transcribed onto their tomb or temple walls.    This remarkable little book introduces the 78 major Avatars of the Higher Self, explains how to use the set of Avatars and some of the benefits to be obtained by proper use of these Archetypes.  This is the earliest book specifically dedicated to the Tarot as a coherent system of personal development.   We meet here some of the earliest titles of the cards and a description of a profound system of meditation practiced in ancient Egypt.   The Tarot was (is) not just a game and an oracle.   It was (and still is) an amazing tool on the path to enlightenment.  See Dr. White’s SENET TAROT OF ANCIENT EGYPT listed under Tarot in the Esoterica section and THOTH AND THE TAROT: THE AMAZING SECRETS.  Further details and how to purchase a deck are provided in the store.



*** The hieroglyphic text of the Litany of Ra.(Available only at the Scribd Store and this Website)Egyptian Spiritual Classics V


The Story of Ra and Isis


(Cover Painting by Amy Hsiao, Design by Douglass White)

Available also at the Scribd Store



Mantras and Yantras of Ancient Egypt


(Cover Paintings by Amy Hsiao, Design by Douglass White)



*** A PERPETUAL KEMETIC [EGYPTIAN] SOLAR-LUNAR CALENDAR.  This is a demonstration of how we can use the Ancient Egyptian Senet Tarot Archetypes of the Neters and their Amulets to create a Perpetual Kemetic (Egyptian) Solar Lunar Calendar for the Planet.  Here is a fun way to learn about Ancient Egypt on a daily hands-on basis.  It is also worthy of study for all who practice Kemetic Traditions (the culture of Ancient Egypt) as a part of their lifestyle.   Updated, July, 2010 and January 2011, adjusting the Egyptian Perpetual Solar Calendar to align with the Perpetual 13-Moon Calendar developed by Jose and Lloydine Arguelles based on study of the Mayan Calendar.  Both systems always start a new year on July 26.   This allows Solar Month 12 to begin on the Summer Solstice and Solar Month 6 to begin right between Winter Solstice and Christmas.  See also Mantras and Yantras of Ancient Egypt listed above.    Below are components of the Kemetic Calendar excerpted from the article. 

***  Why Christmas is on December 25: A Different Theory.   Also: What does “Merry Christmas” really mean?

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