Mantras and Yantras of Ancient Egypt


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Mantras and Yantras of Ancient Egypt

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This book contains a collection of mantras and yantras used by the ancient Egyptians. The collection is based on the Litany of Ra and corresponds to the cards of the Tarot and the transformations in the Book of Changes.

These ancient sounds and symbols can be used for study of Egyptian culture, exploration of human psychology, meditation, artistic inventions, and other creative pursuits.

The yantra drawings are based on original examples from Egyptian art. The mantra pronunciations are approximate reconstructions of how ancient Egyptians may have used them. I do not believe the pronunciation has to be precise. Each person has a personal dialect and the sounds will adjust to the individual. It may not even be necessary to use the Egyptian pronunciation if an equivalent word or sound exists in a person’s own dialect. Experiment and feel your way into the material!

As time permits in future editions I will add a series of “Mahavakyas” (Great Utterances) from the Pyramid Texts, the Litany of Ra, and other ancient Egyptian records.

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