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The Cosmic Game: Secrets of the Senet Oracle Board

The Cosmic Game: Secrets of the Senet Oracle Board is a curious book. Is it science or art? Is it ancient high technology or a madman’s fantasy? Is it fiction, or cosmic truth? Is it real or imaginary? Is it an oracle or a game? Is it a spoof, or the long-lost secret key to the universe? You will have to read it and decide. This book and the one below (The Senet Tarot of Ancient Egypt) are Dr. White’s unique gifts to the world, celebrating the wonder of the Internet. If you click on the “View and/or Download” phrase

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The New Plan A

(DOWNLOAD)***The KEYS***(The above file is a brief executive summary.) ***A PLAN FOR A PLANET*** 5 Great Projects for the 21st Century  *** Click on the stars and visit the Earth Policy Institute website where you can download Lester Brown’s book, Plan B: Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble, as well as many well-informed articles and updates on the topic of how to shape future Earth Policy.  Brown fills in many details and references with respect to Projects 4 and 5.   In his book he calls “Business as Usual” Plan A.  I call my Plan for a Planet “Plan A” because Plan B

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阿梵達 Avatar 阿梵達的人生探索  Exploring Life with Avatar  (PDF詳細介紹) 國際星邊公司的正式中文網頁阿梵達課程介紹  (詳細介紹)           [包括很多可以下載的文章與練習] The Official Star’s Edge International Chinese language webpage Avatar Course Introduction  (Includes many articles and exercises that you can download.)

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The Senet Tarot of Ancient Egypt

(An expanded and completely rewritten version of Dr. White’s 2004 book, Thoth and the Tarot: the Amazing Secrets) Part I: A History from Pre-Dynastic Times to the Roman Era Dr. White has written a breakthrough book about the early development of the Tarot in which he identifies the man who not only may have designed the first 78-card Tarot deck, but also who probably wrote the first book describing the deck and how to use it. Dr. White describes how this work evolved into an effective educational tool for supporting the legitimacy of pharaohs as the leaders of ancient Egypt

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Mantras and Yantras of Ancient Egypt

Mantras and Yantras of Ancient Egypt ASIN: B003UNLJXG Currently available only at This book contains a collection of mantras and yantras used by the ancient Egyptians. The collection is based on the Litany of Ra and corresponds to the cards of the Tarot and the transformations in the Book of Changes. These ancient sounds and symbols can be used for study of Egyptian culture, exploration of human psychology, meditation, artistic inventions, and other creative pursuits. The yantra drawings are based on original examples from Egyptian art. The mantra pronunciations are approximate reconstructions of how ancient Egyptians may have used

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Sakyamuni Buddha’s 12-Step Cycle of Attention

ASIN: B003DZ1J2W Currently available only at When Sakyamuni Buddha began to explain his remarkable insight, he outlined four truths: suffering exists, accumulation of stress increases suffering, dissolution of suffering is possible, and there is a path to achieve that. He explained that human consciousness tends to cycle endlessly through a mutually conditioned chain of codependent states of existence. Then he suggested how it is possible to slip out of the cycle even though the cycle is automatic and each component is completely codependent. From one viewpoint it is difficult or even impossible. From another viewpoint it is simple and

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