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The PHOTON as a model of heterodyne phase-conjugate soliton creation

by Frank van den Bovenkamp, Heart Coherence team
update March 7, 2007;

* fiat luke’s *

This page is dedicated especially to Luke Gatto’s half or whole life search for what Newton and Keppler may have hidden (for some reason?), and to Duane Whitlock who has done a great work to reveil it as the intelligent design of Creation.

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More important than a technical explanation of photon (soliton) creation is its metaphorical meaning. It is the first creation, the first manifestation of “the Word” and the word is pure focussed intent plus pure creative force. It is the immanent power to Become. You may or may not like the science – never forget the metaphor.

With the creation of photons (light), the material world is still a bit in a theoretical stage. This is true, both in a historic / evolutionary sense, as well as in a functional sense, from moment to moment. Light symbolizes, and at the same time physically constitutes the functional connection between matter and spirit. It constitutes per definition the luminal transition zone between subluminal and super-luminal physics, and its angle of perception and conception is a measure of its message.

The photon’s net angular and impulse momentum are a keen prelude to the gradually manifesting, macroscopic and macro-cosmic forces in the further course of material involution. But at the same time, they are the tell tale story of the imminent forces of the Vacuum which created it in the first place.

Now, whereas in the case of a planet orbiting a star, such a system can be analysed in its components of gravity, inertia, orbital rhythm and orbital shape – if in another system the very same principles are at work but cannot be analyzed other than by their metaphorical meaning – this verily consitutes the first and still rather theoretical stage, and this stage is where matter exists in the form of pure light, externally and internally.

The luminal transition zone between matter and metaphor is taking shape in the topology between the Singularity and our 3-dimensional continuum. It takes shape as the deeply intuïted toroid. Other than the classically proposed (spherical or point-) “light-particle” with rather abstract spin-attributes, the toroidal surface topology pairs the creative / distributive energies of the Singularity with the receptive / focussing qualities of the time-space modality in a logical way. In the wake of intuitional practice, this mediating form was clearvoyantly perceived as “flowers” (lotus), cakra’s etc.

The function of heterodyne phase-conjugation in photon / soliton creation is in the first place providing a conceptual (mathematical) description of the so called “virtual state of the Vacuum”, with its intrinsic qualities of the creation of a Singularity (the inner “life-force” and dynamo of soliton creation) plus its receptacle (time-space continuüm, also referred to as the Observer Matrix).

Complementary to the arena of pure phase-conjugate physics and its primary result (soliton creation), the dynamic, meta-stable interaction with the third stage – the material universe – is described as Vacuum Coherence Physics – Unified Field theory (VCP-UFT). However, as we saw with the orbital physics example, the material mechanisms exist in a primary soliton already, be it in still rather theoretical form.

The concept of a creative principle in the form of a heterodyne phase-conjugate singularity is not detailed here (see: “Why Phi – a derivation of the Golden Mean ratio based on heterodyne phase conjugation”). The “Matrix” soliton receptacle can be called a distributed singularity and is probably octave based (see Fractal Synthesizer”- software for spectral analysis of scale-invariant heterodynes).

Now in the proces of photon-creation, a delicate and very central issue is the definition of “medium”. Clearly, the term “Vacuum” in connection with heterodyne phase-conjugate physics and soliton creation is not literally the “empty space between the stars” (and much less that in a bottle). It is rather a stage preceeding the creation of space as we know it alltogether, and all by itself it is of a rather conceptual order.

The principle of phase-conjugate physics, especially in relation to soliton (resp. matter) creation, is that it creates its own (virtual) media all by itself. These media can be called “phase” spaces and function (relatively) superluminal. One is the phase-space of the creative / life force principle (Golden Mean optimized heterodyne phase-conjugation), the other is the phase-space of the Matrix receptacle (Octave optimized heterodyne phase-conjugation).

This way, with the creation of a photon / soliton, at the same time two media emerge which would be entirely theoretical without the creation of a photon / soliton. Now, the following utterly precise analysis should be applied: the photon by itself is the still rather theoretical, emergent effect among complementary heterodyne (“super-luminal”) systems. But the photon in relation to others, occupies a third space, or medium, which is the purely mechanical (sub-luminal). Here, the photon / soliton exists as an interactive magneto-hydro-dynamic unit, in intimate connection with complex matter, resp. in the case of the photon with the dynamic “ether”. This is our common denomination of a photon (“particle”).

So from the common point of view, the existence of a photon involves two functional transitions: from the Matrix receptacle (which is the time/space observer matrix) to the magneto-hydro-dynamic entity, and from there to the creative / life force system. Logically, in terms of the emergent media, this likewise involves two transitions, and this may mathematically be described as two inversions (“inside-outness”). Hence, diagrammatic, the “ultimate” observer principle and “ultimate” creative principlis are one and the same, but the Phi-based is the universal, and the octave based is the individual matrix.

The immediate physics interaction between the mutual phase-conjugate systems probably involves a fusion point / shared singularity from where vacuum flux (pre-electric “charge”) resonates into the matrix, plus a (weakly) platonic angular oriëntation. The emerging soliton / photon is probably aligned with a primary symmetry arrow(s) of the Phi system (dodec archetype) and relatively tilted to the Matrix (tetra / cube-octa archetype). The relative tilting angle between the phase-conjugate systems modulates the energy coupling (hv) and hence the frequency. A more advanced model includes (maximum) 6 solitons combining to form a single photon. Colour coding exclusive in biological perception could be a subjective / empathic / associative response related to the metaphorical qualities as described in the introduction, ranging from essentially centrifugal / energy expressing / warm / “red”, to centripetal / inertia creating / cold / blue.

It should be noted here that (shortly) “Phi” creates gravity by fractally cohering inertia, and yields life force (distributive energy) which functions as a source for thermodynamics. “Octave” creates time / space by arithmetically cohering thermodynamics, and yields focussed energy which functions as a source for inertia. This meta-stable, ideally closed loop of phase-conjugate vs. material physics constitutes the essential Vacuum Coherence Physics / Unified Field theory (VCP – UFT).

Conclusively so far, the actual photon architecture itself is not a literal result, but a facilitated effect of heterodyne phase conjugate physics, as a self-shaping process (articulated especially in the arena of bulk interaction) amids distributive vs. focussing principles. This way, a verifyable analysis of photon / soliton creation naturally includes a scientific analyisis of the phenomenon of (biological) perception in general. It is conjectured that the magneto-hydro-dynamic substance equals what is referred to as “ectoplasm” in esoteric literature. Without a material context it is a rather theoretical phenomenon, and within a material context, its existence can be inferred everywhere life is created. Hence the photon, whereas its physical properties may be discussed, it is definitely the primary expression of life in the universe. Allthough it is not the cause.


This interactive Java animation is a bit ambiguous, as it shows
the photon / solenoid in the same space or medium as the
complementary Phi- resp. Octave based phase-conjugate
systems (only archetypes shown). “CTV” = central thrust vector.
Use your mouse to control the animation; more instructions
can be found here

©all rights reserved, Heart Coherence team, 2007