The Cosmic Game: Secrets of the Senet Oracle Board


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The Cosmic Game: Secrets of the Senet Oracle Board is a curious book. Is it science or art? Is it ancient high technology or a madman’s fantasy? Is it fiction, or cosmic truth? Is it real or imaginary? Is it an oracle or a game? Is it a spoof, or the long-lost secret key to the universe? You will have to read it and decide. This book and the one below (The Senet Tarot of Ancient Egypt) are Dr. White’s unique gifts to the world, celebrating the wonder of the Internet. If you click on the “View and/or Download” phrase below, you can browse the book online or download the book and explore at your leisure. But be careful. It could change your life in unanticipated ways. Enjoy. You may share copies, but may not sell or modify the work without written arrangement with the author. Watch for updates, indicated by version number.

Current version: 151207. LATEST UPDATE!

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