The Senet Tarot of Ancient Egypt


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(An expanded and completely rewritten version of Dr. White’s 2004 book, Thoth and the Tarot: the Amazing Secrets)

Part I: A History from Pre-Dynastic Times to the Roman Era

Dr. White has written a breakthrough book about the early development of the Tarot in which he identifies the man who not only may have designed the first 78-card Tarot deck, but also who probably wrote the first book describing the deck and how to use it. Dr. White describes how this work evolved into an effective educational tool for supporting the legitimacy of pharaohs as the leaders of ancient Egypt and a secret society that shaped the course of the 19th and 20th dynasties during which Egypt dazzled the world with its amazing civilization. The “Da-Rekh” (Tarok) organization continued to clandestinely protect and preserve the knowledge and artifacts associated with their wisdom cult, ensuring in uniquely creative ways that they would last through the dark ages after the fall of Egypt until our day when they might shine again in a new age of enlightenment, planetary in scale. Dr. White also explores and documents the curious ways in which ancient Egyptian culture was transferred through the medium of sacred geometry and spiritual writing by means of special encoding techniques as part of the Kabbalah (Qabalah) technology used by Phoenicians and Hebrews. The process began as early as the Second Intermediate Period and continued into the Roman Era. Part I is free. Updated Version: Oct. 16, 2015.


Part II: Discussion of the Cards, How to Do Readings, Spreads, and Games

An ebook in PDF FORMAT

Part II of this 500 page work by Dr. White contains a detailed description of how and why he designed his popular Senet Tarot Oracle Deck of Ancient Egypt in the way he did and includes detailed information about each card as well as samples of how to interpret the cards during readings. He presents his theory of card readings and explores some of the ways by which people from the time of pre-dynastic Egypt down to the Roman Empire may have consulted ingenious Tarot-like oracles. As evidence he produces examples from the archaeological finds of oracle boards and amulets of various different designs that allowed consultations remarkably similar to Tarot readings of today even though they were not carried out with printed cards such as we use in our era. The oracle boards also were calendars and astronomical charts as well as embodiments of sacred geometry, refined art, and the essence of ancient Egyptian wisdom culture. Dr. White demonstrates how the ancient Tarot technology is a wizard’s gateway for awakening spiritual awareness, intuition, and a relaxed, abundant lifestyle. He unveils for you a real ancient Egyptian STARGATE Technology recovered from the drifting desert sands. The technology evolved from man’s inherent love of games and the discovery that games can accurately model the way the universe functions. Mastery of the game’s internal design leads to knowledge of past, present, and future. Every question has an answer. The challenge is how to interpret the information and apply it successfully.